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Liquid Coating Plants

According to the huge requirements of the customers, we are involved in offering liquid coating plants to customers for various industrial works. These are easy to operate and consume less power. In this category, we are offering liquid coating plant, dry back painting booth, side draft water wash painting booth, down draft painting booth and many more. These products are technically advanced and give high performance.

Liquid Coating Plant

» Liquid Coating Plant

We are engaged in offering a unique quality of liquid coating plant, which offer adequate flow of clean air. This liquid coating plant with non-refundable filters is a cost-effective choice for low volume spray painting operations. It can be easily used for both metal and plastic parts.

Specific advantages :-
  • Quick colour change
  • Building thin film coating

Types of application :-
  • Conventional spray
  • Electrostatic
  • Dip coatings depending upon desired coating appearance

Specifications :-
  • Material Loading Capacity: 0-500 kg
  • Melting Material: Steel, iron
  • Max Temperature (degree Celsius): 0-500
  • Power(KW): 15 KW

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Dry Back Painting Booth

» Dry Back Painting Booth

Dry back painting booth is offered by us is also called as low cost spray booth. We provide this product for various uses such as to increase efficiency of operator, for arresting the over sprayed paint and in many other suitable applications. These products are recommended where the paint overspray volumes are high.

Features :-
  • Rugged construction
  • Low maintenance
  • Fine finish

Specifications :-
  • Motor power: 1 hp to 25 hp
  • Mud pump power: 1 hp to 3 hp
  • Material: GI
  • Dimension: as per customer requirement

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Side Draft Water Wash Painting Booth

» Side Draft Water Wash Painting Booth

Side draft water wash painting booth is design ensures high water wash painting. This Side Draft Water Wash Painting Booth is extensively used for large components, to increase efficiency of operator, reduce dust problems, etc. We ensure to provide the defect free side draft water wash painting booth to customers.

Features :-
  • High tensile strength
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy operations

Specifications :-
  • Airflow Direction: Fully Undershot-type
  • Substrate: Steel
  • Coating: Painting

Other Details :-
  • Water curtain is achieved with pump
  • Lower installed electrical load (thus low running coast), less negligible maintenance
  • The advanced air washer design ensures high air washing/paint collection efficiency
  • The air-slot design, opening at the bottom of the wash down sheet (water wall) ensures uniform air movement in the booth
  • The over sprayed paint gets sucked in by the bottom suction itself
  • Superior construction: booth is constructed by nut-bolt

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Down Draft Painting Booth

» Down Draft Painting Booth

Down draft painting booth is provided by us for all type of industries. These down draft painting booths are offered by us in different size as per the application need. Down Draft Painting Booth is extensively used and designed by our skilled professionals by suing advance technology.

Features :-
  • Low maintenance
  • Longer service life
  • High tensile strength

Specifications :-
  • Highest efficiency in a spray booth is always attained when the capacity, size and other specifications are most suited to the kind of work to be performed
  • The following factors are important while selecting the most appropriate booth for a specific coating component
  • Size of the article to be coated
  • Rate of production (i.e Paint Consumption)
  • Product handling method

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Batch Type Paint Shop

» Batch Type Paint Shop Booth

According to the increasing demands of the customers, we are involved in providing batch type paint shop. The best quality of batch type paint shop is used temperature control over wide range of temperature for different paint finishes. These are manufactured by using high grade material and advance technology.

Features :-
  • Sturdy
  • Perfect finishing
  • Less maintenance required

Specifications :-
  • Coating: Plating
  • Substrate: Steel
  • Inner Size: 3.0X1.5X2.1 m

Other Details :-
  • The advanced dry paint arresting filters design ensures high efficiency
  • Over sprayed paint is sucked in by the blower through synthetic glass fiber
  • Ideal use for all type of paint applications
  • Even suction over the full height of the booth
  • Entry and exit doors access with sliding or automatic types
  • Complies with current health and safety legislation

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Conveyorised Liquid Painting Plant

» Conveyorised Liquid Painting Plant

Conveyorised liquid painting plant is designed as per the applications in the industry and they offer a consistent performance. Featured with a great fabrication quality in even harsh environment, conveyorised liquid painting plant offers maximum safety and these products are easy to use.

Features :-
  • Tough construction
  • Fine finish
  • High material strength

Specifications :-
  • Temperature range: 50 C to 300 C
  • Heater power: 10 hp to 15 hp
  • Motor power: 2 hp to 5 hp
  • Material: SS & MS

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Teflon Coating Plant

» Teflon Coating Plant

Teflon coating plant is provided by us in bulk is used for powder coating and can be availed at industry leading prices. It provides the best coating on various materials and highly appreciated for its high performance. This teflon coating plant is quality tested by our professionals before final dispatch to the market.

Specifications :-
  • Dimension(L*W*H): 11 mt x 21 mt
  • Reciprocator: 1.5m travel, 2PCS
  • Power: kW 77
  • Chamber body: A3 plate t1.5mm

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Geo Mat & Dacro Mat Coating Plant

» Geo Mat & Dacro Mat Coating Plant

Keeping in mind the various requirements of the customers, we are involved in providing geo mat & dacro mat coating plant. These geo mat & dacro mat coating plants are extensively used in plant and machinery industry. It used surface finishing technique and easy to operate. This product is highly demanded among the customers due to its quality.

Features :-
  • Controlled coefficient of friction 0.15 ± 0.03 (test to EN ISO 16047 type HH)
  • Integral lubricant gives excellent assembly and multi-tightening behaviour
  • Absence of stick-slip problems when tightened against e-cote and other organic coatings

Specifications :-
  • Removable manifold for easy maintenance
  • Hinged water curtain to allow easy access to the rear of the collecting pan
  • Access door located just below the fan for easy maintenance
  • External float box with level control

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UV Conveyor Oven

» UV Conveyor Oven

UV conveyor Oven offered by us is improve the quality of end product which gives high gloss and produces no VOC, very low toxicity and has no flash point. These UV conveyor ovens are curing at almost at ambient temperature and known for their high output. This is greatest way out for high speed processing and substrates those are sensitive to heat.

Features :-
  • Easy to operate control panel
  • Requiring minimal human intervention
  • Sturdy construction
  • Corrosion resistance
Specifications :-
  • Useful Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 1
  • Temperature: 350oC
  • Application: Drying/Curing
  • Electrical

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