Automatic powder coating booth


AUTOMATIC POWDER COATING BOOTH has a high recovery rate of powder coating, quick colour change, good recycling effect and low investment cost. Therefore, the filter recovery spray booth has been widely used. The electrostatic powder spray booth can be customised according to the needs of the users. The powder spray booth has single station, double station and multi-station, and the powder spray booth can also be made into a mobile type. The powder coating (spraying) line is continuously produced for 24 hours, greatly improving production efficiency and equipment efficiency. 

It consists of chamber, powder spray gun, automatic reciprocator, powder equipment, recycling equipment, exhaust device and electronic control components. In order to obtain high recovery efficiency and discoloration speed, large cyclone recovery and barrel recovery can be used, the recovery wind is soft, part of the sprayed gun powder is absorbed by the workpiece, the excess powder is blown down by the fan, through the cyclone barrel recycling recovery screening machine, the ultra-fine powder is applied by the secondary suction of the filter, and the powder is peeled off by the electromagnetic pulse valve backflow, and falls into the recovery unit for full recovery. The recycling rate is more than 99.2%, the recovery method is easy to change colour, the cleaning is simple, the occupying space is small, etc.  


  • Manufactured by using good quality material
  • Perfect dimensions
  • First of its kind – up to 97% powder recovery.
  • Unique design- unclamped from the centre for fast, easy & efficient cleaning.
  • Substantially reduce Powder inventory in coating cycle, when integrated with automatic recycling.
  • After filter can be purchased as an optional item.


  • Ensure powder recovery up to 95-96 % depending on particle size distribution in the powder
  •  The powder coating booth enclosure is made from 18 SWG GI Sheets.
  • The cyclone recovery unit couples to a powder coating booth by a joint powder suction ducting. 
  • The cyclone made from 18 SWG GI Sheets and the cyclone stand made from heavy duty angle. 
  • The closed Sheet Steel enclosure system calls a bag filter. We recommend the powder collection unit fitted after the cyclone recovery unit. 
  • It is controlled to spread out the powder in air which is powdered throughout by the cyclone.

Customised option available as per customer requirement.