Automatic pretreatment plant


Altering to industrial requirements and applications, we also manufacture and set up various Automatic Pre Treatment Plant to meet clients specific requirements, like:

7 – 9 Tanks dip/spray Zn phosphating plant 

  • Single stage Industrial Spray cleaning cum drying machine
  • Indexing type Spray cleaning machine
  • Totally free of Hazardous Chlorinated Solvents, C.F.C. or Flammable Chemicals, the pre-treatment process performs both mechanical (spray) and chemical cleaning actions.
  • Material handling is easy using overhead conveyors and it requires minimal effluent treatment with Iron Phosphate. Pre-treatment plants are ideal for medium to high volume cleaning operations and require minimum operator labour input.
  • We offer choices of Dipping or Spraying application, Iron or Zinc Phosphating Solutions, Separated Cleaning and Phosphating Zones or Combined Chemical Zones.

Requirement Details:

Pre-treatment Tanks: – (9 Stages):Pre-treatment Tanks, as per Chemical scheduled and other accessories
 Tank in SS 304  03 Nos.
 Tank in MS with FRV  04 Nos.
 ank in SS3304 with Heating   01 Nos.
 Tank in MS with Heating  01 Nos.
 Basket for Material Handling  03 Sets
 Loading & Unloading Stand   02 Sets
 Air Agitation System with Piping  01 Set
 Online Sludge Removal System having Clarifier, Pump and Piping  01 Set
 PLC based Transporter   01 Set
 Online Water Drying Off Oven (Tank Type)  01 Set
 Oil Skimmer System for Degreasing Tank   01 Set
 Direct Immersed Heating System for Chemical Heating   02 Set
 PLC Based Electric Control Panel, Cable Tray & Wiring   01 Set
 Overhead Conveyor   As per client’s requirement

Customised option available as per customer requirement.