Water wash painting booth


Water Wash Paint Booth Water Wash booths are designed to remove high levels of toxic fumes from spray shops and other industrial environments, ensuring healthy and suitable working conditions, and compliance with inspectorate requirements. They are ideal for Powder Coating Applications and are most suited to high volume users.

How the GBM Water Wash paint Booth System Works

Fume and particle laden air is drawn into the wash chamber between the top of the water tank and the base of the stainless steel curtain, it is then drawn up inside the wash chamber tower by fans mounted at the top, and extracted via ducting to the atmosphere. Inside the wash chamber the laden air is impinged by a large volume of water sprayed by a series of scrubbing nozzles which are fed by the centrifugal pump. The water tank contains denaturing chemicals that cause particles to settle harmlessly in the wash tank. A series of baffles inside the wash chamber tower prevents loss of water through the fans. The pump also supplies water to a trough at the top of the stainless steel curtain causing water to cascade down the front forming a water screen. This water then re-enters the booth at the air inlet at the base of the stainless steel curtain. Since the air speed is high at this point the water significantly assists the scrubbing process as well as protecting the booth.


  • Furniture industry for painting of assembled wardrobes & assembled beds etc
  • Automobile sector for painting of cars , buses , trucks , locomotives , railways etc
  • Fabrication industry for painting of Gas chambers , large oil vessels , large water tankers etc
  • Construction field for painting of Concrete vessels , large pipe lines & structures etc
  • Aerospace field for painting of air crafts , aeroplanes , helicopters etc
  • Alternative power industry for painting of transformers , generators , windmill blades , alternators etc.


  • No filters to replace.  
  • Complies with all current safety and environmental legislation. 
  • Fully modular construction. 
  •  Belt drive fan(s) with external motor(s). 
  •  Choice of flameproof fans.
  •  Water curtains of stainless steel. 
  •  Simple maintenance by removing clipped in front panel. 
  •  Heavy duty centrifugal pump with tungsten seals.
  •  Supplied complete with loose starters, all chemicals, all sealants and fixings.
  • Ductwork and full installation service available.


  • Booth canopy is made from 1.2 mm thick GI joint sheet metal panels.
  • Water Screen is made from 1.6 mm thick Stainless Steel 304 grade sheet.
  • Baffles made from 1.2 mm thick GI sheet metal panels.
  • Maintenance door is bolted.
  • Water collection tank is made from 2 mm thick SS 304 sheet with suitable angle iron stiffening.
  • Modular design ensures easy installation and expansion.
  • ALL MS Parts are Two coats of epoxy primer and two coats of enamel finish paint.
  • ALL GI Parts are All GI Panels are Powder Coated.

Customised option available as per customer requirement.