Brake shoe curing oven


Industrial ovens play important roles in manufacturing many of the parts that are used to assemble finished automobiles. One of the most prevalent applications for industrial ovens in the automotive supply chain is to cure friction materials —namely disc brake pads and drum brake linings. 

Friction material ovens are important for reducing glazing and eliminating impurities, such as bonding materials, in brake pads and linings. If industrial curing ovens didn’t perform these operations, brake pads and linings wouldn’t have consistent coefficients of friction across their surfaces. 

The most critical feature for a curing oven is temperature stability throughout the oven chamber. This is controlled through the careful calibration of the heat source and the airflow pattern within the oven. Depending on the production requirements, electric or  gas could be suitable for an automotive curing oven. Generally, a continuous or indexing conveyor configuration is recommended in order to automate the curing process and speed up production. 


  • Multiple airflow arrangements to meet your production needs
  • Almost unlimited configurations available
  • Temperatures up to 500° C
  • Special material handling
  • Custom instrumentation and PLC control


  • Temperature uniformities of +/- 10C, and +/-5C, and even tighter tolerances are available.
  • Customize your industrial oven to fit your process and size requirements
  • Heavy-duty construction and quality components

Customised option available as per customer requirement.