Pressurized booth with temperature and humidity control


The widespread use of low solvent, water-borne base coats and paints means that humidity control is essential in spray booths. Relative humidity (RH) levels as high as 65-75% are often used for water-based paints, delivering consistent spray quality by preventing aerosol evaporation and pigment agglomeration, consistent deposition rates and preventing premature drying. Spray or evaporative humidifiers are commonly used for their economy, with steam also used in smaller applications.

High RH is undesirable in the drying process, of course, but when metal components leave the oven the local environment in sanding, repair and inspection areas can be hot and dry. This leads to worker discomfort and electrostatic build-up, drawing dust to the component. Using a humidifier as an evaporative cooler combats both problems simultaneously, both cooling the air for a safer, more productive environment and raising the RH to discharge electrostatic. An inspection deck at 35°C/15%RH can be cooled to 22°C/65%RH economically and effectively using this principle. 


  • Reduction in static build-up and less dust adhesion to surfaces
  • Reduction in spray evaporation between spray nozzle and surface
  • Prevention of premature and uneven drying
  • Evaporative cooling effect in sanding decks and inspection areas
  • Optimum environment for electrostatic painting and powder coating
  • Improved production efficiency, reduced sanding requirement, lower paint cost and improved finish.


  • No filters to replace.  
  • Complies with all current safety and environmental legislation. 
  • Fully modular construction. 
  •  Belt drive fan(s) with external motor(s). 
  •  Choice of flameproof fans.
  •  Water curtains of stainless steel. 
  •  Simple maintenance by removing clipped in front panel. 
  •  Heavy duty centrifugal pump with tungsten seals.
  •  Supplied complete with loose starters, all chemicals, all sealants and fixings.
  • Ductwork and full installation service available.


  • Booth canopy is made from 1.2 mm thick GI joint sheet metal panels.
  • Water Screen is made from 1.6 mm thick Stainless Steel 304 grade sheet.
  • Baffles made from 1.2 mm thick GI sheet metal panels.
  • Maintenance door is bolted.
  • Water collection tank is made from 2 mm thick SS 304 sheet with suitable angle iron stiffening.
  • Modular design ensures easy installation and expansion.
  • ALL MS Parts are Two coats of epoxy primer and two coats of enamel finish paint.
  • ALL GI Parts are All GI Panels are Powder Coated.

Customised option available as per customer requirement.