Core bake oven


A variety of core making processes are used including SO2, PUNB and shell molding techniques to produce small- to medium-sized parts that require high dimensional precision. In the case of some complex components, in addition to individual intricate cores, assemblies and subassemblies of cores are produced to make very complex castings. When Customer demand for complex cored castings increased significantly,we can provide a core bake oven as per requirement of load capacity and heat capacity, and one that offered better temperature control, with faster, more uniform heating of cores.

Core bake oven comes in either batch type or conveyorised oven as per the production requirement. GBM will develop and perform tests for each core baking application for proper moisture removal at the minimum time and temperature.  We don’t rely on gimmicks and marketing ploys when it comes to designing our ovens.  Proper air flow is the key to moisture removal and is proven in our Process Development Center at the time of quoting each project.  GBM offers convention and custom designed drying systems for unique shaped cores.  Bring your cores to GBM and let us prove the results to you. 

Power Source Options

  • Main Power Supplies  415 Volt, 50 Hz, 3 phases, 4 wire A.C. system only.

Heat Sources

  •  Electric
  •  Gas (Natural or LPG)
  •  Fuel Oil
  •  Steam
  •  Other Fuel Mixtures


 Size of the working chamber  As per client requirement.
 Material construction  Mild steel,Stainless Steel 304/316 or any
 Temperature Range  Ambient to 150ºC/250ºC/400ºC/500ºC
 Air circulation  Vertical,Horizontal or Combination.High Volume and high Velocity Airflow provides twice the air changes compare to ordinary industrial ovens
 Timer  Digital Pre-Settable with range up to 0 to 999 Minutes/Seconds
 Paint  Enamel Paint/Epoxy/Coating/Powder Coated.
 Power Supply

 230 Volts Single phase 50Hz/60Hz

 415 Volts 3 Phase 50Hz/60Hz 

 Heating Elements  Low wattage Incoloy sheathed heating elements/SS Tubular
 Insulation  Fiberglass Rope (High Temp) / Silicon Gasket
 Door Gasket  Fiberglass Rope (High Temp) / Silicon Gasket
 Heavy Duty Shelves/Trays  Made out of angles with wire knitted mesh or perforated sheet suitable for oven internal size will be provided along with the oven
 Exhaust Manual or automatic  Automatic forced exhaust system with fresh air inlet.Manually adjustable damper with fresh   air inlet
 Heating Media  Electric /Gas/diesel/steam/thermic Oil Etc.

Customised option available as per customer requirement.