Spray type pretreatment plant

This system of spray type cleaning consists of a tunnel mounted on tanks, components, piping pump and nozzles etc. The design is based on conveyor speed, article profile & pretreatment timing. The spray tunnel is designed on a completely weld less system. This eliminates chances of leakage. Special arrangements ensure leakless locking between the zones. The tank design also eliminates leakage and all sprayed chemicals fall back into the tanks. The heating system is designed to give the best heat transfer and consume a minimum of the tank volume. The oil skimmer is incorporated as a standard part of every system to keep the cost of refilling low by getting the most out of the chemicals. 

For the spray pretreatment system the chemicals used are more or less similar to the dip pretreatment facility , the major changes in such process are ,this is more elaborate and on a large scale . In this system the parts are organised on a rightly designed jigs or fixtures at separate specific space and pitch and hung on an overhead conveyor. The conveyor chain passes through a large tunnel divided into a number of stages of chemicals and water zones carrying the components at specified speed , to achieve desired cleaning of the parts. The overhead chain remains outside the pretreatment tunnel and only the jigs and parts come in contact with the chemicals & water.

The Spray tunnel or spray zones are built & designed in such a way that the chemicals and water are passed through a series of piping and finally sprayed over the components with the help of spray nozzles . The pumps and spray nozzles create a high pressure and velocity of spray to create an impact on the product to enhance the cleaning process. Stages like degreasing , hot water cleaning and derusting are normally kept in multiple stages to achieve maximum cleaning. 

The spray plants can be provided with additional accessories like

  • Oil removal system.
  • Phosphate on-line sludge removal system.
  • Indirect heating for chemical & chemical dosing systems.
  • Fume extraction system.

Customised option available as per customer requirement.