Cyclone type powder coating booth


Cyclone type POWDER COATING BOOTHS forms the backbone of an efficient Powder Coating Paint shop based on the Conventional Cyclone dust Collection Systems. The Cyclone Recovery system with high efficiency design for maximum powder collection using a dynamically balanced impeller Blower and clean exhaust through filter media to ensure a clean atmosphere makes it a preferred  choice for Powder coaters. The most modern and top brand applicators are provided to ensure the best quality finish with full backup service. Cyclone Type Booths ensure uniform air flow throughout the booth cross-section.  Absence of dead pockets ensures easy cleaning and the charged powder surrounds the article uniformly resulting in higher transfer efficiency.


  • Optimum Powder Recovery
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Faster Color Change
  • Can be fitted with a material handling system suitable to the customer requirement such as loose track, trolley or the overhead conveyor.
  • Powder recovery system: single or Multi cyclone type. 
  • Manufactured by using good quality material
  • Perfect dimensions
  • First of its kind – up to 97% powder recovery.
  • Unique design- unclamped from the centre for fast, easy & efficient cleaning.
  • Substantially reduce Powder inventory in coating cycle, when integrated with automatic recycling.
  • After filter can be purchased as an optional item.


  • Ensure powder recovery up to 95-96 % depending on particle size distribution in the powder
  •  The powder coating booth enclosure is made from 18 SWG GI Sheets.
  • The cyclone recovery unit couples to a powder coating booth by a joint powder suction ducting. 
  • The cyclone made from 18 SWG GI Sheets and the cyclone stand made from heavy duty angle. 
  • The closed Sheet Steel enclosure system calls a bag filter. We recommend the powder collection unit fitted after the cyclone recovery unit. 
  • It is controlled to spread out the powder in air which is powdered throughout by the cyclone.

Customised option available as per customer requirement.