Industrial curing oven


There is a wide range of curing applications found in a number of industries. A batch oven or conveyor oven can be used for the curing process based on the customer’s production requirements. Curing applications use heat to create a chemical reaction to cure a finish or adhesive onto a product, or to solidify a plastic or epoxy. The result is a harder, tougher, more stable material or coating that resists temperature, humidity, and/or corrosion. These curing ovens provide excellent temperature uniformity, so your parts receive the optimal cure. 

With a Curing Oven from GBM Oven, you will be able to meet tight temperature tolerances and consistent results while remaining cost-effective. GBM Oven batch and conveyorized Curing Ovens are available as either electric or gas heated and have multiple customization options.


  • Exhaust Blower
  • Vertical Door
  • Front & Back Door
  • PLC with HMI
  • Forced Exhaust
  • Observation Window & Illumination
  • Spare Parts
  •  Blower Burner Interlock
  • PID Controller with SSR/SCR
  • Thyristor


 Design Batch Type/ Modular/ Cassette Type 
Outer Chamber Construction HR/CR.
 Inner Chamber Construction MS Sheet, SS Sheet, or GI Sheets.
 Insulation Rock wool/ Mineral wool
 Temperature Ranges Ambient to 150°C /250°C /400°C/ 500°C
 Air Circulation Vertical, Horizontal or Combination
 Paint  Enamel Paint / Epoxy Coating / Powder Coating
 Temperature Uniformity  ± 5°C.
 Control Panel  GBM Make.
 Heating Element SS Tubular Electrical Heaters / Imported Diesel Fired Burner / Imported Gas Fired Burner
 Inner Finish High Temperature Aluminium Finish
 Outer Finish Double Coat Enamel Finish
 Trolley with Track Yes

Customised option available as per customer requirement.