Epoxy curing oven


GBM is the manufacturer and distributor of epoxy curing ovens that helps all thermal process applications across major industries. We are always prepared to design and manufacture a custom Epoxy oven as per the client specifications. We have a team of experienced and innovative engineers that cater to the client’s requirements of heating and drying needs with our industrial oven. 

Our custom epoxy curing oven symbolizes our superior workmanship across a big curing oven industry. The epoxy curing oven that we have come up with is designed to ensure maximum productivity while curing epoxy across multi-fiber and single connectors. Manufacturing and loading of 48 individual fiber connectors or 24MT connectors for each cycle gain momentum with a modular carrier tray.  

Among all industry players we maintain a uniform thermal pattern within the industry alongside several interchangeable carrier trays that support all types of connectors.

Going through the process of curing is of great importance for an industrial product that needs to undergo proper heating and drying. It’s only then that our epoxy curing oven can be a crucial element of commercial and industrial coating and bonding. There is a chemical reaction using epoxy to be used practically. 

The reaction needs considerable time and needs specific conditions for delivering the desired outcome. There are many factors that contribute to epoxy curing. It includes preparing the material that holds the epoxy, consistent epoxy application, dryness and proper blending of the epoxy and high temperature.

Our knowledge and experience as an epoxy curing oven manufacturer urges us to treat our products at temperatures that are slightly higher than the room temperature, however under most circumstances, the epoxy curing oven runs at a much higher temperature. For obtaining and maintaining the right temperature while curing, it is necessary to procure the right ovens. 


  • Exhaust Blower
  • Vertical Door
  • Front & Back Oven
  • PLC with HMI
  • Forced Exhaust
  • Observation Window & Illumination
  • Spare Parts
  •  Blower Burner Interlock
  • PID Controller with SSR/SCR
  • Thyristor


 Design Batch Type/ Modular/ Cassette Type 
Outer Chamber Construction HR/CR.
 Inner Chamber Construction MS Sheet, SS Sheet, or GI Sheets.
 Insulation Rock wool/ Mineral wool
 Temperature Ranges Ambient to 150°C /250°C /400°C/ 500°C
 Air Circulation Vertical, Horizontal or Combination
 Paint  Enamel Paint / Epoxy Coating / Powder Coating
 Temperature Uniformity  ± 5°C.
 Control Panel  GBM Make.
 Heating Element SS Tubular Electrical Heaters / Imported Diesel Fired Burner / Imported Gas Fired Burner
 Inner Finish High Temperature Aluminium Finish
 Outer Finish Double Coat Enamel Finish
 Trolley with Track Yes

Customised option available as per customer requirement.