Enamel paint baking oven

Baked Enamel Paint has its own unique finish on different products, and to achieve it GBM Industries has come up with an exceptional solution Enamel Paint Baking Oven. It can be used to give tough coating on products specially in craft products. Even for the large products this oven can be used for curing purposes of Enamel Paint.


Enamel Paint takes up to 1 day to totally dry and give the finish as we required. Once you place the painted product in the Enamel Paint Baking Oven, it will take 1 hour max. (depend on product) to completely dry off and ready for use. During this process Enamel paint baking oven cures the paint by exposing the paint in oxygen and initiates a chemical process to toughen the binder. The Enamel Paint Baking Oven enables quick drying while ensuring coating thickness that is chipping resistant as well as durable when you use the right paint.

Enamel paint baking oven can come up in these options Electric/Gas/Diesel/Stem and many more.


  • Exhaust Blower
  • Vertical Door
  • Front & Back Door
  • Forced Exhaust
  • PID Controller with SSR/SCR
  • Thyristor
  • PLC with HMI
  • Blower – Heater Interlock
  • Observation Window & Illumination
  • Spare Parts


 Design Batch Type/ Modular/ Cassette Type 
 Outer Chamber Construction HR/CR.
 Inner Chamber Construction MS Sheet, SS Sheet, or GI Sheets.
 Insulation Rock wool/ Mineral wool
 Temperature Ranges Ambient to 150℃ /250℃/400℃/ 500℃
 Air Circulation Vertical, Horizontal or Combination
 Paint  Enamel Paint / Epoxy Coating / Powder Coating
 Temperature Uniformity ∓5℃
 Control Panel  GBM Make.
 Heating Element SS Tubular Electrical Heaters / Imported Diesel Fired Burner / Imported Gas Fired Burner
 Inner Finish High Temperature Aluminium Finish
 Outer Finish Double Coat Enamel Finish
 Trolley with Track Yes

Customised option available as per customer requirement.