heat treating ovens


Industrial heat treat ovens and tempering furnaces are commonly referred to as Companion Draw Furnaces or Draw Batch Furnaces. These ovens draw batch ovens feature heavy duty furnace construction, which includes a plate steel outer shell, a reinforced steel plate oven front, a lined inner shell, and exterior structural reinforcements as required.

Heat-treating is used to alter the physical and/or chemical properties of ferrous and non-ferrous materials through selective heating and/or cooling. These metallurgical changes often involve changing the material’s strength, hardness, and ductility. Heat-treating temperatures often occur above 950°F (510°C).

On a practical basis, heat treat ovens are used in the manufacturing of fasteners, shafts, welded assemblies, steel plates and structures, aluminium ingots and extrusions, and many other materials and products. 

Key Points of Aluminium Aging Oven:

  • Gas or electrically heated
  • High pressure air distribution ducts
  • Heavy duty exterior plate construction
  • Corrosion resistant aluminized or stainless steel interior (depending upon model)
  • Non-settling batt type insulation
  • Combination, high velocity air flow through the work chamber

Power Source Options

  •  Main Power Supplies 415 Volt, 50 Hz, 3 phases, 4 wire A.C. systems only.

Heat Sources

  •  Electric
  •  Gas (Natural or LPG)
  •  Fuel Oil
  •  Steam
  •  Other Fuel Mixtures


  •  Heavy gauge Mild Steel / Stainless Steel / GI Sheets used for fabrication of outer & inner sheets.
  •  High-Density energy-saving insulation
  •  Panel or can type construction available
  •  Access to the interior of the oven, fan, and heating chamber
  •  Temperature Ranges up to 500°C

Customised option available as per customer requirement.