Electrical belt conveyor oven


This is a belt conveyor oven consisting of various zones where variable/same temperature can be maintained in different zones of the oven. Common or individual control panels can be provided on each zone. Air circulation for uniform temperature is provided by fans/blowers in each zone. The jobs are placed on the belt on the loading side of the oven & unloaded from the other side.

Construction: The oven is made out of Mild steel or stainless steel sheets from both inside and outside or mild steel from outside and stainless/ G.I sheets from inside. The oven is duly painted with Enamel Paint giving a rich look from outside. The body is fully insulated with mineral wool to minimize the heat losses and the thickness of the wall varies from 50mm to 200mm depending on the maximum working temperature of the oven. 

Choice of Air circulation: Vertical, horizontal or combination 

Heating Media: Electric 

Temperature Range: Ambient to 500°C 

Optional Features

Temperature controller: PID with or without temp. Profiling (ramp & soak) can be provided with SSR/ SCR for optimum accuracy. The programming of PID can vary from 4 programmes to 99 programmes. 

Safety/Blind Temperature Control: Digital /Analog temperature controller can be provided for safety. It acts as a backup & does not allow temperature to shoot up in case the main temperature controller fails to operate.

Temperature Recorder: To monitor the uniformity of temperature at different points at the same time, Microprocessor based multi point strip chart or paper less, Temp. Indicator cum Recorder can be incorporated with the system.

Automatic Exhaust System: Automatic forced exhaust system with or without timer is used for materials which produce vapors in high volume.  

Doors:Insulated adjustable doors can be provided to minimize the heat losses at both entry and the exit side of the oven. These doors can be the screw type manually operated or can be fully automated adjustable doors. In the case of an automated system, the door closes as soon as the product clears the door and re-opens when the product approaches the oven. 

Servicing windows: To ease in accessibility, for the servicing and maintenance, Windows can be provided on different areas of the machine. 

Door switch: Door interlocking system with the conveyor system can be provided in case of automated door and servicing windows. 

Automatic Loading & Unloading: GBM provides automatic loader & unloader of components on the conveyor system. 

Heater Failure Indicator: Particular heater can be easily identified whether it is in working condition or not. If damaged can be easily replaced in a very short span.

Product Sensing Device: A sensor with output alarm can be provided to sense the component at the unloading area so that it does not fall down from the conveyor.

PLC With HMI / MMI: PLC can be provided for automation and integration of the whole system, data feeding, process display and fault indication can be seen in MMI. 


  • Application: For AC Coils, Painting, Automobiles, Metal Industries, Furnitures etc.
  • Size of the working chamber:  As per client requirement.
  • Material of Construction: Mild Steel, Stainless Steel 304/316, GI.
  • Temperature Range: Ambient to  150°C /  250°C /  400°C /  500°C
  • Air Circulation :  Vertical, Horizontal or Combination.
  • Timer:  Digital Pre- Settable with range up to 0 – 999 minutes / seconds.
  • Power Supply: 415 Volts 3 Phase 50 Hz /60 Hz.
  • Heating Media:  Electrical.
  • Heating Elements: Low Wattage SS Tubular.
  • Insulation:  Ceramic Wool / Mineral Wool.
  • Height Adjustable Door: Both Sides on Request
  • Air Curtains: Both sides on request to minimize the heat loss.
  • Exhaust Manual or Automatic: Automatic forced exhaust system with fresh air inlet. 
  • Manually adjustable damper with fresh air inlet.

Customised option available as per customer requirement.